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What I'm Reading

Miracle at Speedy Motors, by Alexander McCall Smith.

A Town is Born: The Story of South Park City, by E. J. "Gene" Amitrani.

Surrounded by Fourteeners at Kite Lake

Since the Kite Lake Trailhead campground was snowed in on the last weekend in June, I set up camp between the road and a roaring creek, at an established campsite with a fire ring. Here's my Kelty tent with Mount Democrat, the Fourteener I climbed, in the background. To the right is the approach to Mts. Cameron and Lincoln.
I took off from work about 1:30 pm and sped west to Fairplay (also known these days as South Park). Just stopped long enuff to buy a 6" sub at Subway. Drove NW on Colorado State 9 to Alma, a cute little mountain town. Turned west and followed a bumpy road 6 miles to the trailhead. BUT, the road was covered with snow 3 miles from the TH, and impassable. I found a campsite between the road and a roaring creek. Set up my tent, gathered firewood, and retired around 8 pm. Although the sun went behind a mountain around 5 pm, it was light until 9 pm, so I was able to relax in my sleeping bag and read Alexander McCall Smith's latest novel for an hour. Sleep el…

About this blog

First things first: I am not an arsonist. The title of this blog refers to what's hot on the Front Range of Colorado. It also hints at something dear to my heart: cooking. If I'm not on a trail or an ice climb, you'll find me behind a stove. It may be a JetBoil stove, or any other kind of stove! Otherwise I'm likely to be dishing out opinions, fleeting thoughts of fancy, snips of copy, photos, quotes, and unsolicited advice on any number of totally unrelated topics. Are you up for it? Then, follow me on the Front Range!