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Celebration Time in Russia

They're celebrating in Russia, Reuter's reports. "Washington will be ours."
In Trump We Trust
The Shameful Conspiracy of Prince, Giuliani and Trump that Handed Him the Election
How they intimidated FBI chief Comey into announcing the damning "evidence" that turned out to be what had already been revealed.

Trump Aide Flynn in Close Contact with Russia

Reuters reports that Trump aide Michael “Flynn took a call from the Russian ambassador last month, and discussed setting up a call between the president-elect and Russian President Vladimir Putin after Trump's inauguration on Jan. 20.”
Below, Flynn is shown with Russian President Vladimir Putin at a dinner.

Intelligence Leaders Confirm Russia Hacked the Election

“Russia deployed more than just cyberattacks in its effort to disrupt the election, calling it a multifaceted campaign. ‘The hacking was only one part of it," he said. "It also entailed classical propaganda, disinformation, fake news,’ which [Clapper] said was still going on.”

Director of National Security James Clapper testifies on Russian election interference in a photo by Evan Vucci/AP photo.