19th Century Writers and Today's: Parallels

Please have a look at my newly created pages on turn-of-the-century writers if you are interested in authors such as Stevenson, Wilde, and Doyle. Owen Wister will be discussed as well, and you are welcome to bring up others. I'm suddenly interested in fin de siecle writings because I can see many parallels between the late nineteenth century and now. Late Victorian writers were often labeled "decadent" because, I suppose, they questioned the strict morals of the time and called for more natural relations, sometimes veering into the hedonistic. Another influence was the growth of science which presented ethical questions, just as it does today. I will compare works of the late 1800s to 21st century writings and movies, such as Duncan Jones's Moon and Source Code.


  1. I'm currently reading Stevenson's From Scotland to Silverado.

  2. A new novel from a student of Stevenson: The Adventures of John Carson in Several Quarters of the World https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/14/books/review/-adventures-of-john-carson-in-several-quarters-of-the-world-brian-doyle-robert-louis-stevenson.html?_r=0.


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